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So, yesterday was actually stomach-clench-enducing for me. Someone I have known since I graduated high school and had been at one point reasonably close to let something be on her Facebook that was purely hateful (she didn’t say it herself, but a friend did). As in “I hope these people catch COVID19 and die” hateful. Now, I’ve hidden her posts for a LONG time because she leans towards politcal ranting. And I just DON’T DO ranting. Nor do I do politics (which I’ve stated here many times). My opinions are just that, and yours are just that and I can be your friend regardless.

Anyway, I stewed and stewed about it, because this person is a Christian. And I finally private messaged her. She basically defended the person and then went on to share someone on the other side of the political spectrum sharing something equally awful, like just because A is doing it, it’s ok for B to. After saying my piece I was silent. And sad. And thoughtful. And sometime yesterday evening I had an honest epiphany.

Friends aren’t truly friends if you have to hide part of yourself from them for fear of what they are going to say.

If I have to hide how I vote with you, you are not my friend. We may have a shared experience or much in common, but no longer are we friends. Friends can be open and honest with each other, and kind and accepting. Even, hopefully, iron sharpening iron.

This epiphany included this friend, her husband and another couple that we have been friends with since Jim was a teenager in youth group. When I shared this with Jim, he agreed.

And Satan laughs and claps his hands in delight.

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