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Four Days In

Sounds like a motel name, doesn’t it?

I have worked at my new job for four days. Today I will complete my first week. Just saying that is still weird!

Having never really worked part time as an adult, it is quite different from working full time. Full time your days are spoken for. You work. You fit things in as you can, take time off when you need to and have those two weeks vacation to plan.

Part time, notsomuch. I leave home around 9:40-9:45 because I live close to work. I work from 10-2 and then leave, regardless of what’s still to do on my desk. I tidy up because I share my office with the techs, but that’s it. My days thus far have been mostly data entry and helping with things for their conference they are hosting today (filling “swag bags”, putting name tags in lanyards etc). Today I will answer the phone while everyone is at the conference, which is a step short of hilarious. I can direct customers to their local offices, but if they need literally anything else I’m just taking a message.

With only five other people in the office I know everyone’s names and speak to them pretty much each day. I know the office manager the best because she’s basically my boss (which she thinks is really funny; she’s not really my boss, but she’s the one that gives me work to do, so I tell her she’s my boss).

ANYWAY! A week in, it’s fun. I know I’m helping them–doing backlogged work and things they literally just haven’t had the time to get to since January. It’s somewhat mindless (as I was putting things in the bags I’m thinking “I went to college for this?”), but I’m viewing these first few months as my proving who I am. I am going to say yes. I am going to do everything you ask me to. I’m going to show you I’m smarter and quicker than you think I am. You’re going to want to give me more responsibility.

The weird thing is with all this, I tend not to believe in myself. I tend to doubt my own worth–constantly! But for whatever reason, in this I’m not. I KNOW I’m good at this job. I KNOW I’m helpful to them and I’m good at what I do. Where did this self-confidence come from???

TL:DR, I’m enjoying my work and like it so far. 🙂

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