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State of the Marriage

I’ve always thought that marriages–just by their nature–have highs and lows. Rocky times and smooth times. For a long time, we’ve enjoyed the smooth. Things seemed to be going pretty ok. I wasn’t foolish enough to think that it would always stay that way, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Christmas Eve we had quite a LONG discussion/fight. I asked if he thought we should do marriage counseling. He said maybe. Fast forward a month and man, I KNOW we NEED to do it. He may have said his piece, but having thought and prayed a LOT over the past weeks, there seems to be a lot going on in my brain and heart that I would like to not only share with him, but share in front of an educated ear who can hear and help heal. And I’m coming up against some resistance to counseling, which is confusing to me.

We’ve been married 23 years. There’s been some very tough ones in that number–we’ve been to marriage counseling a few times–and some very sweet ones as well.

If you are a praying sort, please pray that we would make our way to a good marriage counselor (our old one is long retired).

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