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Grown and Flown

If you are a mom and have teenagers and are on Facebook, please check out the FB page called Grown and Flown. Oh my goodness! It speaks to me in a way that I haven’t been spoken to in SOO SOO SOO long!

These are not the moms in the trenches of potty training and sleep training and learning to crawl. These are not the moms getting together for playdates. These are not elementary school moms commiserating about PTO and playground duty.

These are ME. Teenage angst. Teenage sleep issues. Teenage anxiety. College and scholarship searches. Sleeplessness and hormones (for mom, that is!, as well as for the teens!) and stepping back to let the chicks start to try out their wings. And fail. And pick themselves up again. Hopefully.

Almost every day, there is a post or two that I stop and read and find myself totally agreeing with, or having more understanding of.

Where we are, where I am, is tough. Emotionally, socially, financially, medically…it’s just a VERY TOUGH YEAR.

Yesterday we completed Laura’s FAFSA. I’ve known it was coming, and known we had to deal with it, so when an article (On Grown and Flown!) mentioned it, I took a deep breath, typed in the phrase on Google and off we went. It took awhile, but now it’s done. With Bennett doing a gap year, only one was required. Whew. We’re currently waiting on the SAT’s to make their way to the Admissions office of West Chester University. That’s all they are waiting on, having just received her transcript this week.

It’s gettin’ real, people!

The teenage years are not for the weak!

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