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Quick Catching Up

I just checked on my blog and somehow a whole month has passed since I posted? I guess that gives you an idea of what life has been like around here!

To catch you up:

Catie’s period FINALLY stopped. Even better, her hemoglobin is back up to normal range. We’ve switched meds to try something new and see if we can have less side-effects from the medication. It’s only been a few days, so the jury is out. I love our new nurse practitioner through duPont.

Laura, on the other hand, is going quite downhill. She met with a neurology nurse practitioner this month and had had an EEG. She has an MRI on Wednesday. In the meantime, she’s been starting a sentence, stopping in the middle of it and doing nothing until I prompt her with part of the sentence. It’s quite unnerving and is making me think seizures. We’ll see what the MRI and EEG show.

(The boys are doing well, thank goodness!)

I’ve started bible study on Thursday mornings at what will hopefully be our new church. We visited a few times off and on, but have struggled to make it a regularly-scheduled Sunday morning thing. One fun thing about bible study–there’s a large group of women, who break up into smaller groups. One gal who “happens” to live in my neighborhood (where we still don’t know anyone!) is part of my small group!

Jim and I are going away next weekend to Jim Thorpe, PA. This will be our 4th time going to their Fall Festival, but our first time actually staying in the town. We’re both very excited about getting away, and the kids are thrilled to spent the weekend with Nana. Win-win!

I’m very definitely back into the swing of driving kids to and fro, with their doctor visits, drama practice and work thrown in the mix this year. I try to remind myself that this is a season–even next year will be very different!–but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.


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