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When Pain Takes Over

And I’m not even talking about emotions!

Backstory: My husband gave me a gift certificate for a massage for Christmas 2016. He often does that. And around January to March I finally get one. March/April 2017 I went in for what I thought was a regular massage (I’ve had dozens by now, and it’s usually just working out knots in my back and neck). This time, though, I was in pain in my lower back. Like, producing tears kind of pain, which horrified the massage therapist. I went back again (on my own dime!) to see if only going a week in between would help. Still in tears. My back just really hurt. I figured it was just overdoing, but didn’t have much options because we were getting the house ready to sell. And packing a lot. I soldiered on because that’s what I do.

What with one thing or another (packing, moving, moving again, unpacking etc!), it took until January 2018 before I finally decided to see a doctor about my lower back pain. It had gotten so bad that on the 2nd day of moving into our home I didn’t do anything other than direct. Which was NOT FUN. I’ve always been proud of my strength, I may be little, but I am mighty!

The nurse practitioner immediately said I needed physical therapy and recommended a local practice that I have come to quickly love. Personal Touch is a wonderful place, woman owned and run, and they really, really care about their clients. I went for a few weeks, got sick, and took a week off and then and went back. For a bit I was getting better. I was even pain free on one side for a few days. But then….

Something changed. Something…got worse. I’m at a place where I’m afraid to do my stretches, where I sit down and rise very carefully, where I take 3 Ibuprofen every night in the hopes that the back pain won’t wake me up. And this is not because of PT overworking me. They do ultrasound heat, some gentle massage–never anything remotely aggressive.

They’ve referred me to a orthopedist (Main Line Spine). Both the therapists I see think I have something wrong with a disk. Which, yeah, kind of scares me a bit. My mother wore a brace for YEARS when I was growing up because of disk problems. I know that medicine treatment has changed dramatically in 40 years, but still, our backs do a heck of a lot.

So, at this point I’m keeping my twice-a-week PT appointments and waiting for the 13th to see the orthopedist

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