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Last Minute Details

Here’s where the septic system is as of yesterday. That’s Angelo of Chester County Septic, standing at the end of the trench from the septic tank and the beginning of the drain field. Angelo is a wonderful guy.

November 17 iPhone 016

This is standing right near the fence line of the property looking down into the drain field. All that dirt still needs to make its way back on top.

November 17 iPhone 017

This is that same field, but looking towards the street. What a view for the neighbors to have!

November 17 iPhone 018

We are in the home stretch now. This weekend we pack anything that isn’t truly NEEDED that last week. Wednesday we get a check from the bank for an astonishingly large amount, do the final walk through in the house and then Thursday November 30th we finally get to own the house.

Then MOVING. In DECEMBER. With CHRISTMAS and the insanity that happens around that time. I’m going on official record as saying I want to be totally unpacked by the end of January. We’ll see how it goes!

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