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Oh, The Waiting…is The Hardest Part

Alternate title: Stop the merry go round, I want to get off!

So….deep breath….here’s where things have been:

We knew the septic system needed to be completely redone. It’s a process, not just a once and done kind of thing. It starts with a “perc test” whereby a septic company and a “Sewer Enforcement Officer” test the ground to make sure it drains appropriately.  Then there is the design phase, where the septic company designs a new system and gets that plan approved. Then there is the actual build and then finally the retesting.

The sellers (thankfully) hired the same people to do the perc test that we hired to do the original septic inspection. I have the cell number of the wife of the husband-and-wife team. She said the perc test was scheduled for NOVEMBER 8th. WHAT????????

I called the SEO, begged, pled and groveled. One of his co-workers was able to fit it in October 30/31, which is at least a little better. With the 8th, we were looking at settling in December (No Bueno). At least here we have a chance at maybe before Thanksgiving.

So. There you have it. Still waiting. Still stuck in the apartment. Still wanting to GET OUT OF HERE.


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