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We Officially Have A New Home!

Well, at least we WILL, once we go to settlement!

We made it successfully through the negotiation process–they thankfully accepted our counter offer of $700 more back in a credit than they offered (to cover more of the radon remediation, thankyouverymuch). So, theoretically, we will have enough to remediate the radon AND fix all the other safety issues.


Do you want to see it? Huh? Do ya? Huh?

Here it is! Isn’t it pretty?

A Front 1

We already intend to replace the siding in the next five years (picture light gray siding and darker gray or black shutters).

Here’s the kitchen. It’s been refaced (inside those cabinets are very dark brown), and that range is from 1981 at the most. It has an analog clock on it. AN-A-LOG, people!

So here’s what you do. You go back through my posts and look at that lovely kitchen we did in the old house and then you superimpose that over this picture and that will be this space in a few years.

F Kitchen 1

Here’s my favorite spot in the whole house. Seriously. I love this room!

M Family 2

Sure, it’s bland white walls and white trim, and that WILL be changed (and let’s just pretend that paneling is also nicely painted, too, ok?)! But that fireplace! So cozy! This is the “family room” where I expect a lot our time to be spent.

I could post more pics, but these are from the current MLS listing, so it’s their furniture and decorating styles (aka a peach dining room from the 1980’s). I just wanted to be able to give you all a glimpse, as this was a LONNNNNNGGGG time coming for all of us.

We can’t wait to move!

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