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Patience is a Virtue

One that I still need to work on, apparently.

The home inspection turned up a few things that need to be addressed, Radon among them.

The roof inspection was fine.

The septic inspection was supposed to have happened on Monday. The inspector was there for HOURS. She dug a rather large hole to uncover the septic tank, only to find it had no access except for a 4″ diameter pipe. The drain field was not where it was supposed to be (according to the plot plan the township gave us). So, basically, hours and $350 wasted. We’re not thrilled.

So, at this point, we’ve submitted a list to the sellers, saying “Hey, this is a serious safety hazard, You need to fix this before we buy the house” and “Hey, we really need to inspect your septic system, and we tried. We shouldn’t have to shell out MORE money because you don’t know where the drain field or access point is, so you should pay for the 2nd attempt”

That was submitted to them on Wednesday. They have until Sunday to respond. I’m….a little on pins and needles. I’d like to KNOW that we have the house or we don’t have the house. Limbo is really not fun. And the thought of starting the house search all over again. Yoikes!

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