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Mostly Settled

Hello All From Our New Digs!

We moved 9 days ago on Saturday the 15th. The first week was unpacking, unboxing, reboxing, moving, changing, and generally figuring things out.  I had hoped that by Sunday evening the 23rd we’d be pretty much done. We were. I was able to move my desk from my bedroom out to the schoolroom area today, which is awesome. I hated having my desk away from everyone else. It was very solitary.

Now that things are pretty much where we want them (for now….) it starts to be fun. We can go exploring. Tomorrow, depending on the weather, it will be the library and/or the pool. Other than driving in and out of the apartment complex, I haven’t been many places. Catie, who walks Jake a lot, has explored more than I have.

I just occurred to me that I forgot to take pictures of the kitchen before we moved. Um…OOPS. Sorry everyone. I’ll see if I can dig up a few decent ones that show how pretty it turned out. I didn’t mean to gyp you all out of a final reveal!

I’m off to grab a sandwich for dinner (meals are still a little haphazard) and maybe take a family walk afterwards. Hope you are enjoying your July and not melting too badly!

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