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Surprise, Surprise

Last year my husband and I embarked on the adventure we called The Kitchen Reno. The reason for this was twofold. One, our kitchen, while functional, was old, outdated and downright YUCK. Two, and more importantly, we were seriously considering purring our house on the market this year and knew that having a new kitchen would help us sell much more than having one from 1985.

We were right.

On Sunday we received a full-price offer on our home and accepted it, with the contingency that we find a house to buy.  We put in the same offer on the house that we liked, only this time we ARE under contract. They are talking about it now amongst the siblings. I know for a fact that they had an open house on Sunday and only a few people came through and none showed any interest. We are–truly–their only option because only we are willing to take on the massive project that is the house.

So today will either be the first step in communications and negotiations within the two families, or they will give a flat out no, we’ll walk away from the house and start looking for a new one.

Either way, it’s going to be an adventure.

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