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Holding Pattern

You know how sometimes a plane–for whatever reason–can’t land? They end up circling up in the air, just waiting for the right time, right conditions, right whatever so they can finally touch down and finish the journey.

That’s where we are. And surprisingly I’m fine with it.

A few days ago we made an offer on the house we’ve been interested in. The sellers came back with “not yet”. Not yet because our home isn’t even on the market. Our home isn’t under contract. We jumped the gun a bit, because we foresaw the negotiation process being long and drawn out and figured we could manage that while finishing up our house. The sellers weren’t going for it. Once we are under contract they are willing to discuss things. They liked our letter, our detailed work list that needs to be done, our “drive and determination”, but they didn’t like our offer price. They weren’t willing to discuss it right now, but again, I’m ok with that.

Our original plan was to have the house on the market “in the spring”, then it became “May”, then “late May”. Now it’s June 1st, with an open house on June 4th. I look at our “get it done before we list the house for sale” list and do NOT know how it’s all going to get done. Or maybe even half done. Some stuff will just have to be cut and be left undone. Which doesn’t make either of us happy, but reality is reality. And we don’t want to wait too long and have no one buy the house.

So for now we circle in the sky.

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