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Not Falling in Love, But Saying Yes Anyway

To a HOUSE, silly! I love my husband!

We’ve been house hunting for awhile. Not necessarily seriously, because our home isn’t on the market yet, but the area we are looking in is extremely popular and houses (good ones, anyway) sometimes appear on with “new” and “pending” in the same listing. And yes, my realtor sends me the newest homes on the MLS, but I like the format of more.

So last week Jim went with our agent to look at two houses–one that he liked and one that I liked–at least I liked the pictures! Photographers get very creative with masking problems and stretching rooms.


They visited the first house and Jim fell in love. He loved it, wanted it and was ready to say “yes, this is the house for us!”. Me, notsomuch. While it’s in our desired area AND within easy walking distance of public transportation (for two of our kids), it’s above our price range–by a fair amount–and needs a BOATLOAD of work. Kitchen, bathrooms–both need complete updating (the kitchen is a gut job!). Painting the whole interior. Really. The living room and one of the staircases is pinky-red. PINKY-RED people. UGH.

He finally talked me into seeing it. We went on Sunday. I was horrified. I saw some of the potential, but really saw the negatives more clearly. I came home and made a pro/con list and the cons outweighed the pros by 100%.

We talked about it. Even argued about it. Talked some more. I prayed about it. a LOT. And I went to take a 2nd look this afternoon. And felt completely differently. The awful bathrooms….weren’t so awful. The kitchen, well, yes, it’s still awful, but the shock value is gone. I could live with it for a tiny bit before we renovated.

Yeah, did you catch that? Another kitchen reno? …shudder… I think we’d try to hire someone to at least help out if not do all the cabinet install.

Paint. That’s easy. Time consuming, but easy.

We have to work out the financing options (needing a reno loan or going conventional and getting a home equity and then maybe refinancing? Not sure. It’s something we’ve never dealt with, so it’s something we need to research and figure out. We have to figure out exactly how much we are willing to offer (and counter offer) because NO WAY are we using their numbers. It needs too much work for us to agree to it. Either way, there’s a bit of a fire under us to get our house done and on the market.

Which is GOOD.

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