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Punch List Updated

It’s Sunday afternoon. This week Jim was traveling for business and then there was robotics yesterday, so not a lot came off, but the important thing is: SOME THINGS CAME OFF. Each week, even if it’s only one or two things, we get closer and closer to that place where we say “We’re Done”. Next weekend is our anniversary and we’re going to Jim Thorpe PA for their Fall Foliage Festival, but at least the electricity and Ikea return stuff will be off the list.

So here’s the updated list:

Still Left To Do:

Buy door trim/baseboard, paint, cut and install

Install Vent cover

Buy, stain and install wooden thresholds and metal thresholds

Caulk backsplash where caulk has shrunk (and dig out a bad spot I found yesterday)

Filler panel between fridge and over-fridge cabinet and under cabinets on either side of microwave

Filler pieces cut and installed for under microwave

Install paper towel holder and foil/plastic wrap holder on inside of sink cabinet doors

Adjust doors and drawers so that they are all perfectly level, then install soft close hinges

Electrician out to do finish electricity – Week of October 3rd

Electric inspection

Drawer pulls

Figure out configuration of island interior (shelves on one side/drawers on other–depends on how electrical outlet will fit) and install drawers/shelves

Seal backsplash (today) – First coat, second coat

Outside: fix/replace trim/siding and an outlet from door installation

Return unused/unneeded stuff to Ikea (October 7th)


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