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Punch List

I’m holding off posting pictures of where we are now because we are so close and I really, really want to have that BIG reveal.

Instead I thought I would list (in no particular order) our punch list. For those new to DIY (or home repair in general), a punch list, according to google, is “a document prepared near the end of a construction project listing work not conforming to contract specifications that the contractor must complete prior to final payment. The work may include incomplete or incorrect installations or incidental damage to existing finishes, material, and structures.” So basically, all the piddly (or not so piddly) stuff that comes at the end.

Still Left To Do:

Buy door trim/baseboard, paint, cut and install

Vent cover

Buy, stain and install thresholds

Caulk backsplash where caulk has shrunk (and dig out a bad spot I found yesterday)

Filler panel between fridge and over-fridge cabinet and under cabinets on either side of microwave

Filler pieces cut and installed for under microwave

Install paper towel holder and foil/plastic wrap holder on inside of sink cabinet doors

Adjust doors and drawers so that they are all perfectly level, then install soft close hinges

Electrician out to do finish electricity

Electric inspection

Drawer pulls (I finally gave in and bought a template because I just couldn’t figure out how to make one)(it arrives today, so this will be done today)

Figure out configuration of island interior (shelves on one side/drawers on other–depends on how electrical outlet will fit) and install drawers/shelves

Seal backsplash (today)

Outside: fix/replace trim/siding and an outlet from door installation

Return unused/unneeded stuff to Ikea

And that’s it! Some is just a few minutes. Some is fairly labor intensive. Other than the toaster and coffee maker (which is waiting on the finish electric) we are using the kitchen full time. I have about four boxes of stuff still in the living room to go into the island but that is also waiting on the electrician. Last weekend we finished the floor (!), put the stove back (can I get a Hallelujah!) and even put the table back. We ATE DINNER on Sunday night using the stove and the dinner table. It was WONDERFUL.

The biggest thing, for me, has been the transformation from a full time construction zone that had a makeshift kitchen to a full time kitchen that had a little construction. Many of the tools and tool bags are gone. The Shop Vac is gone (another Hallelujah!). The remaining tool bags are in the living room.

Yesterday we put the panels on the island and Jim installed the rest of the toe kick. It makes for such a finished look, especially against the floor. And today marks 17 weeks. The end is finally in sight!


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