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15 Weeks

The list of things left is still kind of long, but at this point everything we do makes a big difference.

Jim and Bennett had FTC Kick off yesterday and then Jim had to work, so nothing got done on the house. That was ok. Sometimes a day off is pretty good. Today (which is actually a whole day after 15 weeks) we got some important things done–although the range is STILL NOT INSTALLED.


Today we worked a lot on flooring, which was annoying, painful, exhausting and exhilarating. Flooring changes everything about a room. Really. As much as the cabinets and countertop. We also (because of the flooring) were able to install the refrigerator. It’s been in the kitchen, just off the the side where the kitchen table used to sit (and will, Lord Willing, one day sit again). Jim also did the toe kick under the pantry, which just totally finishes how it looks.

Here’s the proof:


Last weekend we finished the tiling and the grout (which looks impossibly amazing given the fact that neither one of us knew a thing about tiling!)

Here’s a close up from last weekend (before we did the faucet)


Also, please note the knobs! I figured out how to make a template all by myself! I used a DRILL ALL BY MYSELF (while Jim was at work even!). Such a sense of accomplishment!

Having water in the kitchen and a usable dishwasher is fantastic. It had been so long since we had a dishwasher I actually couldn’t remember how I used to load it! It was a little surreal.

This coming week we’ll be continuing on with the flooring. Once it’s under where the range goes Jim will hook up the gas and finally install it. And I’ll start baking! And making spaghetti and all sorts of lovely stove top/oven-y things! Yay!

Thanks for sticking with us in this incredibly long journey!



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