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Lots of Progress

It’s good to finally put that into the title, even if I’m typing it with a really-sore-I-hope-I-jammed-and-not-broke-it-left-pointer-finger.

This will be a post with a lot of pictures!  *insert cheesy smile* So happy to do THAT as well!

July 26 I dove into this pile (so much behind that pile that you can’t see!):

All the Boxes
That’s our flooring to the right of the cabinets. Sigh. Someday, right?

With this “helper”

Stitch Helping
Stitch is a great cat, but can be a little annoying sometimes!

And I was SO PROUD when I built my first ever Ikea box:

First Box Built
One down, 18 to go!

I built three the first day, then we went away for the weekend to Knoebels Amusement Park (more on that in another post), then we came home and I built a couple more and we did this:

Uppers West
The microwave cabinet needs to be cut in the back for the outlet!

It looked so weird. For so long it’s been a big empty rectangle of a room and then finally it started to take off. The rail system that Ikea uses? Meh. It has its pros and cons. We aren’t sold on the concept and Jim declared tonight he wouldn’t use Ikea again. Not because they have a bad product–everything has been pretty perfect–but the lack of box flexibility with our less-than-perfect walls is causing problems.

I built more boxes this week. Wall cabinets are much easier with having solid sides. Base cabinets just have two strips of metal across the top for structure. I have three more bases to build, one wall and two halves of a pantry.

Today we worked on the north wall, where the sink and dishwasher are:

Aug 9 A

Jim locking a cabinet into place

End of today is pretty great. The wall where the dishwasher is has all the cabinets installed and locked into the rail system. They are done and ready for finish work (shelves, doors etc). On the other wall the cabinets can still be moved around  because we are still working on final placement. We need to get the refrigerator panels in and see where they go and move towards the wall from there. Everything is approximately in the right place, but not exact.

End of Date Tue Aug 9

All in all, a great way to end the day!


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