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We have a picture of the finished product on the wall to remind us where we are going.

Final Plan

Personally, I have stopped believing that the picture will ever become a reality. It is a lie, perpetuated by contractors who secretly laugh because we try to do it ourselves, and by HGTV, whose sole purpose is to delude hapless homeowners that they, too, can do it and Home Depot can help.

We are again stuck. Two layers of drywall mud are applied (2nd was still drying by end of day Sunday). We need a 3rd layer (maybe 4th in really bad places, according to Jim) and then lots of sanding. I’ve never personally done drywall and don’t have any memory of watching the process so I take him at his word. Unfortunately, he and his word go to the world of WORK M-F and then he has commitments outside the home Monday and Wednesdays after work. So I walk past the unfinished kitchen a million times per day on my way to the laundry room to our makeshift kitchenette.

I had hoped to paint this week. Not gonna happen. He hopes to finish painting by end of day Sunday. We’ll see.


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