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One Last Final Fix

Here’s where things are as of today:

End of Date Mon Jul 4

What you see/can’t see: Under all that lovely luan (aka underlayment) is a leveled-with-concrete floor. Sorry, no pics of it. The luan is LOVELY to walk on. It’s smooth, soft and just feels great on bare feet (as opposed to every other part of this journey when you HAD to wear shoes).

What you can also see is the torn up walls and that yellow remnant stripe of construction glue left over from the previous countertop’s backsplash. I just tried removing a small spot yesterday with citrus stripper and it worked great. I’ll be doing more of that today now that Jim saw and approved what was left afterwards.

This weekend is –as far as I KNOW–the final fixing of things. Jim will repair all the drywall holes and slices and patches. That’s also, as far as I know, the last thing I’m kind of unable to help with. Drywall patching needs to be pretty perfect because it will show clearly through paint. Jim used to drywall for a living. Therefore, he will do it by himself. After that? I can help prime, paint, put together cabinets, install flooring…etc.

Oh, and for my sanity I bumped the “I hope we finish by this date” date to July 31st.

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