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Adding to the To Do List

When we first started out on this journey to renovate our kitchen (because hey, it was last touched in 1985 and that wasn’t such a great thing), we had a few rules we put in place:

  1. No moving walls
  2. No changing plumbing
  3. Only hire out electric and granite installation.

…Insert Cher from Clueless saying AS IF!…

We aren’t moving walls, but today someone in the plumbing trade is coming over (aka being HIRED) to move a gas line. Because when the designer and I put the new plan together one thing that none of us thought about was where the gas comes up from the basement into the kitchen. Careful measuring yesterday showed that it will, indeed, be behind a cabinet and NOT the range. Oops. It needs to move about 8 inches. Good bye Rule 2.

And then, after having my nephew over two weekends in a row to help level the floors, I asked him what he’s doing job-wise during the summer. Come to find out he’s renovating. And he knows how to do tiling. Which neither Jim (who used to be a contractor!) nor I have ever done. SOLD! I’ll pay to watch and learn, but also to have it done well. Good bye Rule 3!

But we are definitely NOT touching Rule 1!


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