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Levelness is a Relative Term

We spent several hours of Saturday using a rotary hammer on the kitchen floor. We were able to get up every single bit of the linoleum/concrete mix, but none of the concrete that was over subfloor. So we left it.

Sunday we taped AGAIN. We mixed and poured and leveled and feathered AGAIN and yes, at the end of the day we were left with a MOSTLY level floor. As in, there are a few dips that Jim will fill with floor patch and level and a few bumps that he will grind down.

In the end, we are moving FORWARD instead of staying still or going backward. And we are coming up on a three-day weekend, which can only help the process. I’m hoping that when Tuesday rolls around I’ll be ready to prime and paint, meaning the luan is down, the drywall is finished being taped and mudded and everything is ready to rock and roll. I can’t much help with drywall–it’s needs to be fairly dang perfect for the walls to look ok. Jim used to do it for a living, so I’m stepping back and he’s going to do it alone.

Priming and painting, though, I’m good for! And then it will be onto the cabinet building. I can hardly wait!


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