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After the Long Weekend

I’m having a much better idea of why renovations take so much longer in real life than they do on HGTV.

  1. No giant team helping.
  2. We are both 47 years old. The body just HURTS a lot more than it used to!

We removed all the cabinets and counter tops (except the sink and dishwasher–wanted to keep them as long as possible). Someone came and picked them up so they are gone. All the rest of the construction debris is on a tarp on our driveway. We pulled up all the flooring and hammered hundreds and hundreds of staples back down. We pulled down the soffit in the middle of the room and 1/3 of the soffit along the north wall. Happily, we discovered it had nothing in it where we removed it. We discovered that there is a small section of vent that we need to hopefully re-route. If we can’t re-route it, we will need to cut out the back of one of the cabinets to make room.

Here was Sunday evening (flooring to be explained below) where you can still see soffit:

End of Date Sun May 29

Here’s where we are as of today, where you can see the piece of vent pipe.End of Date Mon May 30

So here’s the deal with the flooring. In 1985, someone decided to build this house. Someone didn’t care about code and didn’t care about doing thing correctly. Instead of 2×10 floor joists, someone put in whatever size he could find, anything from 2×8 3/4 to 2×9 1/4. Right next to each other. Consequently, our floors are horrible out of level. I mean REALLY badly. 12? years ago Jim tried to level it using what is called “self-leveling cement”. I just tried to keep three kids under 3 outside. The whole process was awful and didn’t work very well. Our flooring that went over all that mess ended up actually cracking down a long line due to the out-of-level.

This time around the internet and wonderful DIY blogs exist. And YouTube. People who have used self-leveler over whole rooms are there. Videos, pictures, step-by-step instructions. We will be doing this again. Together. And hopefully will end up with a wonderful clean surface to start installing new flooring over.

Hopefully. We’ll see.

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