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T Minus 16 Days

Where things stand:

I just tried to order flooring, but would only allow me to order three boxes instead of the seven that I needed. So I have a call into them and am waiting to hear back about that.

We still haven’t picked a paint color, but the paint fan is open to the three gray hues (meaning, three sheets of the fan, darker to lighter) that would work. It’s just a matter of Jim saying which exactly he wants and me going and buying it. I originally expected to use a cool gray–more in the blue family–but with the floor, counters and cabinets it definitely needed to be in the greige (beige gray) family instead.

The microwave is in our mudroom still in its packaging. The kitchen is slowly being emptied of things that I won’t need between now and the 21st. Our living room corner is full of boxes of those things. I’m starting to meal plan for not having a stove/oven and using the least amount of dishes I can. Thankfully it will be warm enough to grill a lot. 🙂

Our exterior door has come in. I haven’t picked it up yet, though. (oops!) Installation will be Saturday May 14. That will be so weird! As long as we’ve lived here, we’ve had a double-glass door (first a french door and now a sliding glass door). We’ve sold our sideboard (Thank you Facebook!) and moved the kitchen table over to its new home in anticipation of the new door’s placement.

We’re also talking about doing a “Bagster”, which seems to be an industrial tarp-like boxish shaped thing that you put construction debris in and then the company comes and gets it. WAYY cheaper than a dumpster, can actually go on our new driveway (which a dumpster can’t) and might work for our situation since we’re giving away our cabinets. We’ll see.

I look at the plan from Inspired Kitchen Design and wonder how in the world we’re going to get to that place. I know we will, it’s just the process. I want to have a structured, bullet-pointed list of the steps. And I’m thinking Jim will have to come up with it.

I’m glad we’re getting closer to the reality, but the getting closer is making me nervous!


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