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Updating the House

At this point and time I’m thinking of taking this blog in a more light-hearted direction. Not that I can’t and won’t talk about the heavy stuff, but, as I said in the last post, I’m in a different season right now.

When we bought this house 15 years ago last May, it was going to be our “5-7 year” home.

Hah. Double Hah. Four children in 19 months took care of that!

The house was built in 1985, and while we’ve updated a GREAT DEAL of it, there are two main things we haven’t done much to in all that time: The master bedroom and the kitchen.

In the master bedroom all we’ve done is tear down the seriously ugly wallpaper, put in a ceiling fan and remove a light fixture near a window. Oh, and replace the windows when we did the whole house 5 years ago. The drywall is cracked in places, there are complete separations between the wall and the ceiling in more than a few places, and is painted a HIDEOUS dusty rose color.  ::shudder:::

I’m hoping we are thinking of tackling that room soon.

However, what we are DEFINITELY going to renovate and drag into the 21st century is the kitchen. The only thing we’ve done to it in the past 15 years is paint and replace the floor. Oh, and add a sliding glass door (that we’re going to remove to go down to a single glass door to get in more cabinets).

Have any of you ever tried a kitchen renovation? Everyone I’ve talked or read about says basically the same thing: it’s horrific to live through, but amazing on the other side. I’m only in the planning stage, but am trying to focus on the amazing part and not the horrific part. I’d love to hear tips from anyone who HAS lived through it!


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