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Marriage and Statistics

In the United States, currently the divorce rate is about 40%. (I don’t care that everyone uses 50%–it just isn’t true. If you look at the most recent census figures, they do not add up to 50%.)

For parents of multiples the rate is higher.

For parents of a child that has died it is much higher.

For parents of special needs kids–especially those with a child with autism–the rate JUMPS.

So as a family living in the US, with triplets who used to be quadruplets, with a child who is blind AND has ASD, I’d like to talk a moment about my marriage. When Jim and I stood up before our friends and family before God and promised “for better or worse” we had NO clue what that actually meant. We had no idea just how hard it was going to be.

We’ve done the marriage counseling thing several times. It was needed and extremely helpful. And we have, thankfully, a strong marriage. We’re going through one of those smooth times right now–the kind you remember and that keep you going when the road is much rockier. I love my husband deeply–I can’t imagine walking this road of life with anyone else. And I want to go on record as saying I’m glad we’re not just one of the statistics.


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