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Apparently We’re Homebodies

The family all took a trip to the Lewes/Rehoboth DE area this week. The vacation was supposed to be from Saturday June 28 through today, July 5. Actually, we would have been leaving RIGHT THIS SECOND if one big thing hadn’t happened.

Hurricane Arthur.

When my brother (who was also in Rehoboth) first mentioned the hurricane, my response was “What hurricane?” Hah. Double hah. By the time it hit two nights ago it was a category 2! We spent a great deal of Thursday cleaning the house and packing everything up. Once finished (or almost), we headed to the boardwalk, did some rides, had dinner and ice cream and then headed back to pack the car and finish cleaning the kitchen. We left for Pennsylvania around 8:30, although we took a quick side trip to the Candy Kitchen, the home of expensive but tasty fudge, salt water taffy and assorted very large lollipops. We pulled into our driveway at 11:08, much to everyone’s relief. There is nothing quite like sleeping in one’s own bed in one’s own house. And we got out just in time. When I spoke with my brother the next morning, it was raining an insane amount (and who wants to be cooped up in a house on vacation in the rain?)

The weird thing was, once we knew about the rain and that we’d be coming home early, both Jim and I were happy about it. I love planning vacations. I love going on them. But EVERY TIME I go away, I miss my home and can’t wait to get back.  While our current plan for next year is Michigan, a part of me wonders if a “stay-cation” might not be a better choice. No worrying about the dogs or cat, no massive driving (Michigan is 17+ hours driving and a ferry ride, plus hotel stays each way). We obviously have a year to think about it, though!

Following up on my last post, I contacted my accountability partner the very next day. I installed accountability software on my phone the very next day. I deleted all those books the very next day. I still say being a sex addict SUCKS EGGS and always will, but it’s a lifelong journey that I’m on. I may take a short detour every once in awhile, but so far I’ve always found my way back to the main road.


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