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A few weeks ago I posted about firsts, but Lasts is much more fitting for this week. I have three different schools (and school districts!) for our children. (Next year it goes down to 2). Thusly, I have scattered last days. Bennett and Laura’s cyber school ended on Tuesday. Ethan’s final day will be next Wednesday. Today, however, marks Catie’s last day. Her final day as a 5th grader. Her final day as an elementary school student. Her final day as a public school student (although charter schools are public schools, too, but they are a little different). It’s a big milestone, considering we have had elementary school as part of our life for 8 years now. I look at those precious kindergartners and can NOT believe that my children were that small–or innocent.

Cyber school, while having its ups and downs and frustrations, has been the right choice so far for Bennett and Laura. I’m hoping that the half-school-and-half-home approach for this coming year for Catie will also be the right choice. We take everything one year at a time around here. Catie is a little upset that she won’t be with her friends next year, but we really wanted to give her what we considered to be the best opportunity for her, and that ended up being USP (University Scholars Program) at PALCS.

Tonight she “graduates”, with a ceremony and everything, followed by a dance. She’ll be all dressed up and hopefully create some wonderful memories. And we’ll mark this Last as fairly important along the Milestone Way.


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