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Firsts are Tough

Laura is away this weekend. As in, I dropped her off Friday evening and won’t pick her up to bring her home until Monday around lunchtime.

I’m NOT HAPPY about this!

Before we opted to have her participate in this weekend, I had this sparkly, surrounded by rainbows and glitter idea of what it would be like when the kids grew up and Jim and I would have the house to ourselves again. Now I’m plotting to get them to go to West Chester University so they can commute and live at home!

Seriously. I’m not even kidding. I HAVE MISSED HER ALL WEEKEND. I MADE MYSELF NOT GO AND VISIT YESTERDAY!  Today I made myself not stay too long when I did visit.

Where is she, you ask?

Camp Abilities PA!! An annual weekend camp for visually impaired and blind athletes to learn adapted sports. And she’s learning to run cross country, ride a tandem bike, ROLLERBLADE, play beep ball and goal ball and shot put and long jump and…and….and…Do A LOT OF STUFF.

Which is why I’m making this sacrifice. And making HER make the sacrifice. Of all my children, Laura is the most “homebody” of them. She’s the most attached to us, which at 12 I’m not complaining about, but I thought a little nudge out of the nest might be good for everyone. And I really think it is. I’m definitely going to want her to do this again next year. And I think she’s going to want to do it again. My DREAM would be for Ethan to be able to do it, but the self-help skills and independence needed, well, I’m not pinning any hopes on him doing it anytime soon.

So it’s been good, but it’s been tough. And it’s been a wake up call that for all that they drive me crazy, I love my kids a whole freaking lot and am NOT really looking forward to them moving out and getting their own lives. Even if it means uninterrupted time with Jim!

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