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7 Quick Takes Friday

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I have never been so thankful that our house was on high ground as I was this week. HO…LY…COW that was a LOT of rain! Chester County (my county in PA) had 120 road closures due to flooding. Jim drove 2 hours to get home, when it normally takes one. So very, very grateful that the sun came out yesterday and today and the lakes/streams/creeks/rivers are all receding.

2. If you know my reading habits at all, they lean VERY HEAVILY towards fiction. As in, the only non-fiction book I ever read is the Bible. But when one of my favorite (and longest reading) bloggers writes a book about her conversion, well, I’m going to make an exception. I read Jennifer Fulwiler back when she emailed me directly when I made a comment on her blog–before she become superstar Catholic blogger. So, this weekend I’ll be cracking open Something Other Than God and giving it a read. I’ll let you know what I think (and how I managed that non-fiction thing!) in a post this coming week. 🙂

3. Addiction-wise it’s been very interesting around here of late. Not that I’ve fallen (or even plan to, thankyouverymuch), but I’ve changed accountability software several times within the past month. I’ve had Covenant Eyes for YEARS. It seemed like it was fine. But my old PC was crashing over and over and over and…we finally bought me a new one (which, ok, I needed anyway, but not right this second!). We had to uninstall CE to switchover. All of a sudden, no crashing! 😦 So, yeah, CE was incompatible with Google Chrome (and Firefox). Enter X3watch, brought free of charge to my PC from XXXchurch. Seemed to work fine until the reports came out. If an ad was on a page, it flagged the ad. If a bad word was in the comments, it flagged the word. And when I say flagged, I mean it literally took the word (f bomb, s bomb etc) and put it on the report. No bueno for my accountability partner….language is a huge trigger for her. I contacted their support, but they couldn’t change it, but were grateful for the input. Onto #3, the latest, My AP (and husband) haven’t gotten reports yet, so I can’t say yes or no yet. I’m hoping it’s a good fit, though. Such a pain in the tushie, this addiction!

4. Laura got her braces off!! Back in February 2009, she got a palatal expander, followed with braces for 10 months. They were hoping to do things early enough to stave off the need for regular braces. It didn’t really work, so July 31, 2012 she got on full braces top and bottom. Oh, the rubber banding we’ve been through! So yesterday we went to the orthodontist for hopefully the final time. They removed the braces, made molds over her teeth (nasty process!) and made upper and lower retainers. I was picturing something with metal, but no! It’s clear plastic, like a whitening tray or those expensive braces that don’t have wires.

5. We are HUGE (and I do mean GIGANTIC) Marvel movie/tv show fans. Not enough to pay yet for the theater, but enough that when I got a “get a free movie” through Redbox, my first and only pick was Thor 2. That and the new Captain America are the only two we haven’t seen yet. And S.H.I.E.L.D. is KILLING me every week. Most of the season was “good”, but didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat.  Good guys always winning will do that. But when the world fell apart due to Hydra, and Ward ends up being a bad guy, wooHOO is it getting GOOD! And I can’t believe there’s only a couple left until the end of the season!

6. Speaking of TV, we unfortunately pay a lot of money for it. Too much money, in my opinion. I’ve been researching options for cheaper viewing. Our two year contract with FIOS is up mid-July, so I have a little time, but not much. Between the two DVR’s and the package, we are paying almost $100 each month. With all the internet-based options out there, I want to get rid of FIOS and try something else. Suggestions anyone? (ditto for the landline phone!)

7. A family member is having a wedding later this month. We are not in the wedding (although Jim is going a reading)…we are merely attending the wedding. Clothes (it’s cocktail attire), gifts, hotel…So far we have spent $745. It’s insane. I’m not complaining, but I can’t imagine how much people who are IN the wedding are spending!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Loved your post Tina and all the updates. I read the description for that book–looks interesting, let me know if it’s a good read.
    Weddings are so expensive. I still feel bad for how much my bridesmaids had to spend for their dress…

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