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A Journey of a Thousand Steps….

Has to start somewhere!!

After reading This Amazing Article, I was so convicted about changing how Jim and I operate with Ethan. If you opt not to read it, it talks about how we, as parents of blind children, tend to do things for them–in essence, be their fairy godmother and allow things to “magically appear” instead of making them do it themselves (much, much harder, let me assure you!).

So this morning started as pretty much every other morning. I woke Ethan up, went downstairs while he got himself dressed, made his lunch, buttoned his jeans once he came down (he lacks the fine motor skills to do it–that’s not cheating), and started to make his breakfast. DING DING DING. As I heard the microwave, the big blind lightbulb flashed in my head and reminded me that I DON’T WANT TO BE HIS FAIRY GODMOTHER, Darnit! So I had him get up, we “looked at” the microwave, he opened it, got his plate out, put it down on the counter, he held a knife (which I don’t think we’ve ever had him do), and hand over hand I helped him cut the sausages he was having for breakfast.  Then he walked the plate over to the table. I poured the PediaSure (doesn’t eat enough calories to keep his weight up) , telling him that we’ll work on opening a can together at dinner. I’m not sure if he has the fine motor skills for it. And how to have him measure his Miralax is beyond me.

So yeah, one small step in the right direction.


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