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Lasting Impressions

Why is it, do you suppose, that things from your past can stay in the past for many, many years and then pop up out of the blue and BOTHER THE HECK OUT OF YOU?

One of my FB friends, who is actually a friend of a friend and a doctor to many of my friends, posted about her daughter standing up to bullies in her middle school on BEHALF OF ONE OF HER FRIENDS.

Wow. To have such guts and compassion in middle school!

I was bullied in middle school. Every day. Day in and day out every day for three long, horrible, rotten years. Which, as a side note, is why I turned into a tiger when I heard that one of my kids was being bullied. ZERO TOLERANCE. Being bullied does not make you stronger. It makes you hurt inside. Even 30+ years later my inner-child still rails about it:  The lies that were spread. The lack of response from adults. The willingness of so many kids to be so awful for so long. The feelings that there was nowhere I could go during school hours to escape. The fact that no one ever stood up for me (except for one phone call from my mom to one of the main perpetrators’ mom).

One of the things I absolutely LOVE about cyber school is that there is no chance of my kids being bullied.


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