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Why My Weekend Rocked Even Though There Was More Snow

I live in Pennsylvania. If you have been watching any kind of news on any news station, you have seen that the United States by and large, and a WHOLE LOT of the Eastern part of the US has been getting record breaking ice and snow and more snow and oh, more snow! Our local school district just had its 9th snow day. NINTH, People! They’ll be attending school in late June!! YIKES!

So, If something can come around that 1) gets me out of the house and 2) puts me with other women and 3) I get to be WITHOUT the kids, it’s in the “WIN” column for me. The fact that some of it involved crafting in no way inhibited me from doing it because I knew that no one could actually FORCE me to craft! 🙂

One of my favorite bloggers–as in, I read her posts out loud to my family, send links of her posts to friends and put them on Facebook, and generally try really hard not to pee when I’m reading her because I’m laughing so hard–was going to come to the Michael’s store in Exton. Which is 20 minutes away from my house, THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

Laura and Catie originally wanted to come too, but thankfully changed their minds so I got to have alone Mommy time! I wandered around Michael’s a bit trying to find a demonstration table with a crowd of people (after all, she’s a well-known blogger!), but finally stumbled upon a small craft room. In it were: a Michael’s employee, four women crafting, Victoria and her mom. And then me! I announced that I was just there to visit, sat down, and proceeded to have a wonderful time. She was all that was charming and nice–not one bit of snark–and couldn’t have been more friendly. The other crafty gals ended up finishing their projects and left and she and I just chatted. I got to CHAT WITH A FAMOUS (semi-famous?) BLOGGER! It was awesome! She even figured out how to make my old Android take a selfie and then proceeded to take one with me! And it was a good one! See? I’m the laughing one and she’s the stylish and skinny one. And tall. You have no idea how much she’s crouching down to be on my level!


 And I’m not exaggerating on the tall. I’m 5′ 1.5″. Look at me next to her! My chest comes up to her waist!

Crafty Group


After getting home and enjoying a reasonably quiet afternoon, Jim and I, on a whim, ended up going out for dinner. BY OURSELVES. I’m pretty sure we haven’t done this since our anniversary. In early October. I KNOW!!

So, even though there was more snow to shovel/plough, even though the natives are crazy-restless and getting on each other’s last nerve, I ended up having a great weekend. And if she happens to drop by, Hi Victoria! Thanks for hanging out with me!


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