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Gateway Drugs

Ok, so this post isn’t about drugs. But gateway drugs sounds ever so much more interesting than gateway BOOKS, doesn’t it? And it’s about the same thing for me, any way.

I started reading romance novels when I was still in elementary school. Anything from what they called “bodice rippers” to Harlequins. Reading them shoehorned in nicely with my early pornography exposure and they became somewhat entwined.

Fast forward 35 some-odd years to 2013 and my last fall off the sex-addiction bandwagon. It started with books. Now, I’m the the first to tell you that sometimes I’m completely fine. I can read any book I want with a love scene and skip over it without thinking twice. But sometimes I don’t skip. And sometimes I linger and wallow. And then move onto the internet and get in deeper.

So after the last fall I didn’t make any huge proclamations. I didn’t say anything to anyone, honestly, but I just stopped reading romance books of any kind–including Christian. I don’t think there’s anything inherantly wrong with them, and at some point I may go back to them. But for now, I’m trying this. And for now, I’m not struggling. It’s not on my mind, it’s not in my heart, it’s just happily on what I call the “back burner”.

However, as an avid and unabashed bibliophile, something had to fill the void. So I’ve picked up fantasy again. I have many of them and have started rereading all. Not that I had forgotten how much I loved them, but yeah, I had forgotten just how much I love a good fantasy book–or series (even better!). I just found out that one of my favorite series–A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin–actually had two more books. I thought it was a trilogy, but she wrote more. WooHoo!

Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain, Patricia McKillip’s Riddle Master of Hed trilogy, Raymond Feist’s Riftwar Saga (although I’ve only ever gotten through the first four. There are something like 21 in the series!)….I’m looking forward to checking out more.

Any suggestions, loyal readers? (and yes, I own and have read the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and the Eragon series too!)


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