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Status Update

So, well, yeah. Hi! I swear I never meant more than a month to go by before posting again. But man, the HOLIDAYS. And the SICKNESS. And so, here we are, January 14, 2014. More than a month from when I last posted.

Let me tell you…it’s been an eventful month. Taking a much-needed break from school. Sleeping in (that means 7am to me!), hosting Christmas for 15–thank goodness we have a lot of extra chairs in our basement! Shopping and decorating and undecorating and cleaning and then getting very, VERY sick. Today is Day 10 and I’m still not back to “normal”. But I get better every day and am very, very thankful for that fact.

I took a quick peek at my list of things that we, as a family, wanted to accomplish in 2013. We did so-so. Basically, if it involved money (debt or home improvement), it really didn’t happen. That’s another post for another day, along with the goals for 2014.

In December I accidentally backed into Jim’s truck and crunched my rear bumper. That got replaced last week and looks so shiny and new. I was so sick, though, that the rental I had only got four miles put onto it!

I started receiving a devotional in my in-box each day. It’s called Girlfriends in God and is actually pretty ok. I have struggled so much with consistent reading of the bible and spending any quality time with God–this is just sitting there, reminding me daily to do it. LOVE it.

I know this is a fly-by post, but that’s where life is right now (hence the title!). I hope all of you, my dear readers, are having a happy and healthy 2014.

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