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Planning Ahead

Or, How I Came Through Unscathed

My husband is currently dropping his truck off at the dock to be loaded onto a ferry so he can make his way home from Michigan, where he has been for the past 10 days.

10 days, people. 10 single-parent days. 10 nights alone. 10 dinners and lunches and mornings without my husband.

Yet, as I sit here typing to you, I’m still sober. I went into this time fearful, honestly scared that I would fall into temptation. So I did something revolutionary.

I TOLD MY ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER! I also told a trusted friend. I even told my husband.

I brought it “into the light”. I gave voice to my fears, which took away their power. I frequently checked in with both my AP and my friend (there’s no good cell phone coverage in Lake Michigan).

Not even halfway through the fear dissipated. I felt confident instead. Not cocky–I was still careful not to put myself into difficult situations–but confident that I would make it through this time without medicating my loneliness and stress. And it actually ended up that I wasn’t so lonely or stressed anyway. Well, ok, there was 7th grade math! That was probably one of the most difficult parts of the week. But still…it was a fairly decent time, much better than I had anticipated.

So thank you to Carol, to Friend X and to Jim. Honesty and being “real” are always a good choice!

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