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Mini Me

I have told my older daughter Laura that if she wants to know what I was like as a child, just look at Catie (her younger sister). Her comment? “I feel bad for Mum Mum!” (my mother)

Catie is inquisitive, curious, nosy. She’s intelligent, bright, quick, smart, snarky, She’s positive she’s right all the time and determined to not only tell you that you are wrong, but how. She wants to be in charge. She’s bossy. She’s caring and compassionate for animals, the needy, her brother Ethan, and stuffed animals. She’s been infatuated with the same boy for the past 6 years (I’m grateful he’s moved to middle school). She’s obsessed with horses.

In short, she’s very, very much like me as a child. Except for one HUGE, GAPING, MASSIVE difference. She’s never seen pornography. By her age (10) I had seen a fair amount. By Laura’s age (12), I had seen a LOT and was physically involved with a female friend. I cringe at those facts for myself, and am so incredibly grateful that my girls are innocent. Not unaware, exactly, because they know the facts of life. They know that pornography exists. They are more knowledgeable because there is more to know: AIDS, HIV, STDs, homosexuality, bi-sexuality (and those are fairly awkward conversations!), abortion….my mother’s talk didn’t cover any of these!

I know Catie is grossed out completely at the very thought of sex (and thank goodness!). I also know that in a few short years it will be something she will be very interested in. I can only hope and pray that we are teaching her not just to wait until she’s married, but WHY.  And to keep her innocent while we can.


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