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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Week #1 of PA Leadership Charter School (aka cyber school) is under our collective belts. I can say this at 9:02 am because, crazily enough, they are both finished for the week. Apparently all the teachers think the kids need to be eased into cyber school. I’m not complaining–I think it’s a great idea. That said, I think next week with its 6 hour days will be rather a shock to their little systems.

2. Pursuant to #1, Bennett has been so excited (EXCITED! ABOUT SCHOOL!!) about this whole cyber thing that many mornings he has started school at ….get this….6:30 in the morning. He asked me this morning if he could do it and of course I said yes. He was done by about 7:20. I know, it’s the honeymoon stage. I get it. But oh, how I’m enjoying it!

3. Another surprising thing this week is the lack of guilt I feel if I have to go out. Now, with them being finished it’s just like any other time I need to go out. They’re old enough and responsible enough to be on their own for several hours. No worries. But even during “school time” it’s been fine. This morning I had bloodwork done and left at about 7:20. Bennett was finished but Laura was just starting. I trusted her to do her work (no big deal there) and knew that if she got stuck on something she could work on something else and come back to the first thing after I got home. Cyber school is somewhat freeing!

4. This has been, hands down, one of the busiest weeks in a long time. I had something on the calendar every day and was out of the house every day. That’s a rarity around here, Today Bennett starts guitar lessons. Laura starts piano and guitar and voice next week at the fine arts school and Catie starts horseback riding lessons on Monday evening. Fall is here with a vengeance.

5. On a more serious note, we will be having a visit next week with a veterinary behavior specialist ( Dr. Spiegel specializes in animals with behavior problems and BOY, do we have one! Coco is a loving, wonderful, sweet dog. Most of the time. Unfortunately, if anyone–stranger or otherwise–steps foot onto our property she becomes hyper. Ethan’s bus driver (who comes up our driveway 2x/day) is scared of her. Coco went as far as nipping–hard–a child that was playing in our backyard over the weekend. That was the final straw. It will NOT be cheap–the first home visit is running $300, and there’s a follow up visit later on for $100 or so. I will reiterate what I have said all along. Cats are easier and cheaper to own.

6. I had lunch yesterday with one of my closest friends. We haven’t visited one-on-one since last spring. Women friends are SUCH a blessing! Just having the time of talking, sharing, unburdening and having a good, understanding, listening ear AND being able to be that for someone else. I’m at a place right now where my close women friends are a little spread out. We don’t see each other much, but, oh, how GOOD the time is when we do!

7. Addiction has been…mostly quiet. There are twinges here and there, but saying No has been good as well. And Beggar’s Daughter has been really putting my name on her posts lately. Sometimes I read and think “that’s nice.” Not now. Not lately. It seems like they have been written directly to me. Which is wonderful, because I keep needing to hear the things she keeps saying. Which, after almost 19 years, is humbling. But I’m just so grateful. It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since I picked myself off the floor again. I like adding time to that figure.

In closing, Just wanted to send a shout out to my next-door neighbor (whose house the open window above my bed faces), who thought to take out his trash at 4:45 this morning. Unfortunately, we had Labor Day on Monday, which pushed Trash Day (Friday) back to Saturday morning instead. So, yeah, Thanks for that unnecessarily early wake up call.

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