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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I again am splitting the back-to-school timeline into two different dates. Catie starts back the 26th and the triplets start back September 3rd. Except not to the same school. This year I will have Four children in Three school districts with Three different schedules. Yes, this overwhelms me.

2. One of the HUGE advantages of doing cyber school is the complete and utter lack of back to school shopping. Sure I’ll get some pencils and new sneakers, but pretty much everything is done on the (school supplied) computers.  So no binders, no loose-leaf paper, no composition books…NADA. I still have to buy stuff for my fifth grader (including uniforms), but man, it’s a lot cheaper buying for one kid!

3. With Jim’s new job comes paying off debt and the ability to have the kids do extra-curricular activities. Laura’s music lessons will be through her school, but Bennett will take guitar lessons and Catie will start horse riding lessons. I’m looking into Acting Without Boundaries for Ethan, but not sure about the time commitment. Seems like it’s going to be a busy year in our household!

4. We got a new dog! Jake was in a shelter in Henderson, NC. His time was up and they were going to euthanize him. A local rescue group, Paws to Hearts, took him in and fostered him. They listed him on Petfinder and we saw him there. Such a cutie! We applied and met him and adopted him on Sunday. Everyone has fallen in love and he fits very, very well with our family.  This was sleeping arrangements two nights ago. The big dog is Coco, the little one is Jake.

Coco and Jake Aug 15

5. In one week we will host up to 8 kids for the triplet’s 12th birthday party. We’re doing a swim party. Because it’s easy. I’m all about easy at this stage. The sighted kids are getting a gift card for Minecraft. The non-sighted will be getting Braille non-fiction books because that’s what he loves more than anything. That and a fart gun. Because we’re fun parents.

6. Pursuant to #5, HOW IN THE WORLD DID THEY REACH 12????? Weren’t they, like, 7 just a few days ago??

7. Regarding my last post, things are going ok. I’ve spoken with my accountability partner. I’ve deleted what needed to be deleted. I’ve prayed and asked for daily help to get through the day. I’m making better choices. The necessary steps to walk TOWARDS sobriety instead of AWAY from it. Yeah, it’s good.


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