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Almost Two Weeks Into Summer

So, wow. As of tomorrow the kids have been on vacation–and sleeping in–for two weeks. It’s been lazy and lovely, weathery and wild, and not-so-surprisingly, the best summer we’ve ever had.

If you are just joining the party, I have 11 year old (almost 12!) triplets and a 10 year old. And yes, in years past that was NOT A GOOD COMBINATION.

But they are getting older. And better behaved, thank you, God! They love their PC’s (with Daddy doing computery stuff, we had extras so they are blessed with each having their own). They love TV. The love the pool. They love their friends and playing and pretending and I’m just so glad they are HERE instead of 3 years old and at each other constantly.

Jim and I talk about how he’d love to go back and enjoy those early days. I say I’d like to be a fly on the wall and watch me. Or be able to talk to myself and say “I promise, it will get better!” because I certainly didn’t believe it at the time.

So, all that said, it’s been a good two weeks. Next week is VBS for the youngest (older ones are too old), the following week Ethan starts Extended School Year (what he calls Summer Camp), the 15th we start Camp Good News and the 22nd they do NASA’s Summer of Innovation.  So July is going to be BUSY!


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