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Adventures in Hair Color

So, ok. I’m 44. I started going gray at 24. Yes, 24. Other than a brief foray into bleaching bangs with hydrogen peroxide in 1986, I’ve stuck to traditional methods. Oh, wait, there WAS henna back in the 90’s too.  Other than those two things, I’ve been pretty much medium brown/dark brown/auburn from a box for about 15 years give or take.  Fairly traditional, except for one time when the color took a LITTLE TOO MUCH and I ended up goth for Catie’s first birthday. Yikes.

For whatever reason (laziness, mostly) I’ve gone quite a bit since I last colored. My roots are two inches long (and yes, I just measured!). My roots are more than 50% gray on the top. Underneath in some places it’s actually 100%. In the back, though, it’s definitely less than 50%. So I’m all over the place.

I wanted to go a little lighter. But the ends of my hair–everything other than those 2 inches–were VERY dark. Lots of years of dyeing. Lots of build up. I was scared to go lighter and end up two-toned. Especially with “color-resistant gray” on the top.

Enter Color Oops.

I got it at WalMart, but read the reviews and instructions in depth on Amazon. I didn’t follow the instructions by the letter (because hey, why should I?), but am still thrilled with th results.

1. Mix up the stuff. (Here’s where I didn’t do the skin test or the strand test.). Shake. A LOT.

2. Put the stuff on your hair. PEEEEE-UUUUUUUU! It smells HORRIBLE. Seriously AWFUL. I opened the bathroom window and left open the door. Set the timer for 18, put on the enclosed shower cap and sat down to read.

3. After the timer went off, hop in the shower and rinse. Wash hair. They said for 5 minutes but sheesh. I have pretty short hair. Rinse for 20 minutes. I washed and rewashed and rewashed with shampoo in this time as well because I just couldn’t stand there rinsing my hair for 20 minutes. I felt stupid.

4. After the timer rang at 20, shampoo again. Sure! I think that was the 5th time. Maybe the 6th. Rinse for 20 minutes. Well, during this time I also conditioned with really expensive and good conditioner and only lasted 10 minutes.  The water was getting cool as well.

Toweled dry. Dried my bangs and damp dried the rest. I loved it. The dark color was definitely gone. I could see gray at the bottom as well as lighter brown hair (my hair is actually pretty dark when it’s not gray).

Tomorrow I’m getting it cut and colored. I think I’m going to stay with the lighter brown color and just color the gray. We’ll see. Either way, I’m extremely happy with my Color Oops venture and would definitely recommend it to people needing to remove dye they no longer want. And Color Oops didn’t pay me a dime to say that.


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