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I was at WalMart today loading my groceries in my van when a young Asian woman approached me. She asked for a donation to her organization, GPA, which was doing a missions trip to  Trinidad. At first I thought “Cool! Sure!”, but for whatever reason, asked about the organization and then about her church specifically. She said she was part of a non-denominational Christian church. I asked which one, because that’s pretty much what I belong to.

Her answer? Universalist.

I then asked “As in Sun Myung Moon?” (or some approximation of that name)

She nodded.


“I’m sorry. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and IS God. I cannot support your organization.”, which I said very nicely and she very nicely thanked me and went on her way.

What I want to know is: HOW THE HECK does one call oneself a part of a “non-denominational Christian church” when one’s church denies the very deity of Christ???


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