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Starting at a 5

I am a professional organizer. I am also a recovering slob. Yes, they can coexist. I’m GREAT at helping people declutter and organize, coming up with a system to keep them on track etc. Myself, well, I CAN and HAVE done it, it’s just something I’m not great with on a regular basis.

About 6 months ago or so I don’t know what happened.  Really. I think I may have started to read a blog (A Slob Comes Clean) and that kind of helped. We moved the playroom downstairs (and a whole bunch of toys) and that kind of helped. I started running the dishwasher almost every night and that kind of helped. I moved out of the office and into the now-schoolroom and THAT kind of helped. It wasn’t one thing. It wasn’t overnight. And I’m still not perfect.

But I’m better than I was!

The title is part of a phrase I used to my mother in law this morning. I’m hosting Easter, which used to mean a week (or a few really brutal days) of massive cleaning. I started at zero and had to climb my way to company-ready 10. Now, though, for all those reasons listed above, plus others I’m sure, I’m starting at 5. It’s just easier. My desk still is a mess, but since it’s a smaller desk, it’s a smaller mess. And since I’m in the school room, the floor still is clean. The kitchen usually just needs to be mopped (because I’m still lousy at that one!) and maybe have the range cleaned up a bit. But the piles and piles that used to sit on the peninsula just aren’t there. I’m making sure the table gets tidied up most days. I’m keeping on top of the living room. Does it get messy? You Bet! I have three kids who inherited my slobiness (Ethan’s pretty tidy) and tend to leave things wherever in the house they get put down.

When my MIL asked me to host it wasn’t an overwhelming thing. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, because it really is just tidying and running the vacuum. Well, OK, I have to clean the bathrooms because I have three men/boys in the house and Euuuuuuu!

Still. A 5 is way easier than a 0. Trust me on this!


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