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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Although we are still 5 days away from spring, the weather is already starting it’s-southeastern-PA-it’s-careening-wildly-back-and-forth. In the past week we have had sunny and 60’s (which was incredible) and high 30’s and raining (which wasn’t). Today, high of 51, cloudy and windy, is pretty typical of this time of year. It’s like winter is fighting with spring and we’re not quite sure who is going to win.

2. My youngest, Catie, just turned 10 on Wednesday. That blows me away. The triplets are 11 1/2. How did we get here?

3. We are counting down the days until spring break. 12 day. Oh, the joys of SLEEPING IN. 7:00 is just a magical time to get up, don’t you agree? Especially when it’s compared to 5:30.  Oh, and the 12 days is for the local kids. Ethan starts Friday afternoon, but the rest of them don’t start until the following Wednesday. Can I tell you HOW MANY TIMES we have explained to them that just because he has a longer spring break and different in-service days, EVERYONE has 180 days of school!! ACK!

4. Mid-term grades came out for the middle schoolers. One of said children is not doing especially well. This somewhat cements MY opinion that doing cyber school in the fall is the best way to go. Whether Jim is on board or not, I’m not sure. We haven’t seen much of each other this week with him working so much.

5. About all that work, I’m not complaining. Mostly. It’s just an adjustment to have him working outside of the home when he’s worked FROM home for quite a long time. And he had to work OT on Wednesday, which, if you look up at #2, was Catie’s birthday. It’s the first time he wasn’t home for one and it was actually quite emotionally difficult for me. But short-term sacrifice for long-term gain, right? And being able to pay the mortgage and buy groceries is surprisingly satisfying!

6. Although I am not Catholic, I found myself praying about the conclave. I prayed that the man they chose would truly love God. Pope Francis, what little I’ve heard and read, seems very humble. I hope for some good changes within the Catholic church–especially in relation to the sex scandals and cover ups.

7. Catie has been growing her hair out to donate to Locks of Love. I just read on their website that the hair needs to be 10″ (I thought it was 8). We measured and has still has 3 inches left. Which means months and months of arguing about the knots that are in there every morning. Oh, goody. I know it’s for a good cause, but wow, it’s not fun in the mornings!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. 1. I always say that I want one big snow storm in April because it will melt super quick. We got one snow and I was sick so I didn’t even go outside. Then it melted by the afternoon 😦

    2. Happy Birthday Catie. Yes, it goes sooo fast.

    3. I am so happy not to make lunches and argue about homework. Amanda is expected to get a 60% in her classes. Yes, it’s not a high expectation but it is also one that is not being met in four classes right now.

    4. I have a friend who says “if God calls you to homeschool then do it. But he doesn’t call everyone.” I was not called.

    5. Paying the mortgage and buying groceries is satisfying. I agree with you there.

    6. Yes, Amen.

    7. I just mentioned this to Amanda. However here hair is no where close to being that long. She said NO, I don’t like short hair! End of conversation.

    I haven’t been by in sooo long. You are way better than me at reading and commenting on my blog. Thanks. I know people stop by but don’t comment. I will try to do better. LOL. Love you!

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