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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I was just facebooking with a friend who lives in Florida. Her weather today will get up to the mid-to-high 80’s. In southeastern PA we’ll be at the freezing mark with rain and a wintry mix. While I might envy her right now, in a few months when we are singing the praises of spring and its joys and she’s dealing with the 90’s and high humidity, it will be a LOT nicer. I swear I could never go any further south than I am. I HATE the heat.

2. Jim is between contracts. This is the huge downside of IT self-employment.

3. A first for us: we had church on Sunday in our kitchen and talked about Proverbs. The kids even raised their hands to answer, which I thought was incredibly cute. I asked for prayer requests, which they struggled with a bit. I don’t know that they’d ever been asked that question before.

4. I’m unexpectedly at home today (thought I’d be helping paint my MIL’s bedroom), so I have a good To Do list to work through. After I finish blogging, because, hey, everyone KNOWS that is way more important!

5. It’s Pot Roast for us today. Because a wintry mix seems to call for it, don’t you agree?

6. I’m continuing with the Victoza. I’m only on the introductory dosage (0.6) and have already lost weight. There are side effects, but so far they seem to be less intense than the Byetta has. My thighs are only a little sore so far from the injections, but we’re also only on Day 6. In a couple of months, I can definitely see that there will be more pain from daily injections. But not being hungry all day, not feeling the need for seconds and the ability to stop when I’m full are all just fabulous.

7. I’m currently gathering items for the Friendship Elementary Outgrown Sale. Besides the obvious clothes, we’re also doing Wii games (because Game Stop pays you crap for them), DSi games, and miscellaneous things that I come across that the kids don’t use anymore. For a long time it was easier just to give stuff away and I did it for years. But at this point, with them being older and more self-sufficient, I’m much more able to do things like this. The tween years have their pluses!


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