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It’s a New Year

Well duh. You knew that.

2013 is about 12 hours old as I type this. And already it is full of changes. Life-changing changes. Small changes. But CHANGES.

In the small changes category, I’m now typing from the new school room instead of the office. The next step in the room changeover. I’m more than slightly leery about being in the same room as four children’s desks and three other computers (and one Braille typewriter), but am willing to give it a go.

In the Life-changing category, Jim and I have chosen to look for a new church home. The reasons for this were varied, but suffice it to say it was just the right time to do so. It was somewhat heart-wrenching, as we have been at our old church for the past 8 years and have many dear friends. And no matter what anyone says, not seeing someone on a weekly basis eventually changes the friendship.

So we look forward to 2013 with open arms, ready to embrace where God leads us. Jim is no longer an elder, I am no longer a deacon or a church secretary. We aren’t the worship leaders. This leaves some very large voids. It also allows for  healing of some major burnout. Both of us agree that we will take some time to “sit in a pew” for a bit. It’s not in either of our makeups to do it for long, but I think it’s a good thing for a short time.

I hope and pray that 2013 has some good challenges and growth for us all.


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