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House Project

I wrote here about what we wanted to accomplish on the house with moving rooms around. This past week we managed another chunk of it.

Jim and I: bought drywall and brought it downstairs.

Jim: installed the drywall, mudded three times, painted the wall (but not yet the cement block), put up trim and painted that.

Jim and I: moved the furniture out of the room, rolled up the rug and moved it over, put the cabinets in their new place, put the TV cabinet, TV, and stereo cabinet in place, put the futon in the room, moved the fooseball table to the other side (still to be organized), brought Ethan’s books and bookcase down from the schoolroom.

I: Went through Ethan’s books with him, helping him to get rid of the ones he has outgrown (which ended up being a laundry basket full!), brought down his videos and video case  and trampoline. He’s THRILLED.

The kids: put their toys into the cabinets and started playing.

I: Vacuumed over and over the spot where Ethan’s trampoline was (ICK), moved Bennett’s desk to  its new spot.

Jim: Vacuumed some more that spot. (Double ICK!)

Next up: moving my desk from the office to the school room. Which is going to take some major organization and decluttering on my part!

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