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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 4 days. 4 short little days until everything has to be wrapped and accounted for. Because as of this second, one of Jim’s presents is missing. I’m contending that the post office never delivered it. I really, honestly don’t think I lost it. But I’ll admit to a 1% chance of that being possible.

2. Pursuant to #1, I cleaned my office REALLY well. The door can even be open during the holiday gathering here, and believe me when I say that that is not the norm!

3. We had a really great speaker on Sunday, who talked about that famous question “Are you ready for Christmas?”. His take, however, was not about presents or decorations or cards, but about the heart. Ready: Mary, Elizabeth, Wise Men Simon, Anna. Not Ready: Herod, Zechariah (he later flipped to the former category). It definitely challenged me, because it’s so easy to get caught up in the preparations of the season and miss Jesus completely. I’m very guilty of that, especially this year. Between sickness here, my mom in the hospital, decisions, drama and just life, I’ve missed Jesus. And I want to go on record here as saying I’m making the decision to make Jesus the focus from now on. Feel free to check on me in a few days!

4. We’re getting together with dear friends of our family tomorrow–the same ones we went to the winery with back in August, although this time around it will include the kids. 10 adults and at least 17 kids. It’s going to be a BLAST. Having long-term friends, Christian, with families is just such a blessing!

5. Yesterday we got drywall (wall board) and Jim installed it in the basement. This “playroom to schoolroom” project is taking a long, long time. Next step is painting and bringing Ethan’s trampoline and video case downstairs, along with the TV. Maybe by New Year’s Eve? 🙂

6. Bennett, Laura and Catie have been off three days already. They have been up early all three days. I have to drag them out of bed usually, but hey, let’s not waste a moment of vacation!

7. Instead of having something lighthearted for my #7, I’d like to offer up a word of prayer for the families of those precious children (and adults!) lost in Newtown.

Have a blessed holiday and hug your family tight.


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