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7 Quick Takes Friday

1. 26 days until Christmas! 12 days of school left for my local kids and 15 for Ethan! Let the craziness begin!

2. Or not. Actually, it’s interesting this year. Finances are tight. TIGHT. So, with everyone’s blessing, we are opting to purchase only for our kids and my sister’s children. Which, let me tell you, makes life a whole lot easier with Christmas shopping. I have done 98% from the comfort of my office. So far, it’s only been stocking stuffers I’ve had to venture to the store for. Having not much money is actually making for a less stressful time for me. Who would have thunk?!

3. We are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with my family. My mother is home from the hospital (1.5 weeks there!) recoverying from pneumoni and sepsis. She’s very tired. Even talking on the phone exhausts her. While I’m looking forward to seeing my family, I’m uncertain how it will go with my mother. She’ll be 80 in a few weeks. She has outlived every single relative in her family, for which I am extremely grateful. I can’t imagine life without her.

4. I had the blessing of helping a mom take her daughter to rehab yesterday. Having a car, having the time…such simple things in my life, yet so big to someone who needed them. I’m making the drive again today, with special toiletries (without alcohol) for the daughter. As someone who doesn’t struggle with that particular addiction, it’s definitely outside of my realm to need alcohol-free shampoo. But, as someone who struggles with addiction in general, I know how low one can do to get a fix. Sigh.

5. Jim has caught some sort of bug and has definitely not been himself these past few days. I feel so badly for him when he’s sick–he’s not the “typical guy” you see on TV who groans and complains about a little cold, so when he does complain, I know he really doesn’t feel well.

6. We are talking very seriously about cyber school for the next school year. There are pros and cons for both it and public school, but the crazy-early wake up time is tipping the scales in cyber school’s favor.

7. Take a deep breath. Let it out. Now another one and out. Grab a cup of coffee and see how much Christmas shopping you can do online instead of trekking to the stores!

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