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Endings and Beginnings

One of my dearest friends is moving. Our pastor and his wife have accepted a position literally across the country from where we are. While this makes me sad, I completely support them in it. Our church, being very, very small, is only able to pay someone part time. They are moving to go to a larger church with full time pay. I think its’ great. Sad, but great.


Our pastor’s wife, besides being one of my dearest friends, is also my accountability partner. She receives my Covenant Eyes reports, which detail what websites I visit and if there seems to be a problem with them. It’s not a filter–it doesn’t prevent me from going anywhere, but it’s Big Sister looking over my shoulder, which I SO SO SO need.

On top of moving across the country, my dearest friend also just had her third baby. She also has a four and a two year old. So her hands are full.


I called the local Celebrate Recovery group and spoke to the leader, who put me in contact with another SA woman. I spoke with her last night and we’re meeting for coffee on Monday evening. As someone who has walked a similar path, it will be interesting having her be my new accountability partner. I’ve only once, long ago, had another addict as my AP. She went off the deep end with her addiction and stopped communicating with me. Not good. Then I had a deacon. Then I had a friend. Then I had my pastor’s wife and now I’m hopefully going to have this new person. It’s been a journey. Telling my story is never easy. Starting at the beginning and opening up to yet another person is not going to be fun. But God and I talked about this. He is just as invested–if not more–in my sobriety as I am. He knew our pastor and his family were going to move. I’m thinking he might even have picked this new person out for me. Cuz he’s like that sometimes.

I’ll post after my meeting.

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